GNS3 and SDM

mailsent/ December 3, 2011/ Technical Notes, Uncategorized

GNS3 stands for Graphic Network Simulator and can be used to simulate Cisco routers.  I first came across this when I want to try out Cisco SDM and could not do this in Packet Trace. The Cisco SDM is a web base management for Cisco device which take the command line away and provides a GUI for administrators. or the

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Network Notes Addresses

mailsent/ August 20, 2011/ Uncategorized

Just some metal notes about Network address for reference. IP v4 makeup 32 bit address system through to 0 to 255 is 8 bit wide and forms an octet. ` RFC 1918 class A – class B – class C – Any thing inside this range is private and should be used

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