auto reboot

1.   Launch Task Scheduler.

2.   Click Action and select Create Basic task.

3.   Type AutoRestart (or others you want) in the Name box and click Next.

4.   Select Daily and click Next

5.   Type the time you want to restart the computer and click Next.

6.   Select Start a program and click Next.

7.   Click Brower and navigate to %SystemRoot%\System32 and select Shutdown.exe and click Open. Type –F –R in the Add arguments (optional) box and click Next.

8.   Click Finish.

Cheltenham CTC

Club website using BluePrint CSS work out the golden ratio for you which is a great help. The old site original hosted on which limited what could be done.  So moved over to my web space set up a new Domain and rebuilt the site.  This has a link with MailChimp which picks up the RSS feed and sends out a newsletter once a month.


Mike Smith-Wood an Antique Furniture Restorer dealer

Mike Smith-Wood an Antique Furniture Restorer dealerMike Smith-Wood a Antique Furniture Restorer dealer required a site which was simple and easy to use.  To do this I work closely with the business to define what information was shown on each page.  This required a bit of training on how to use WordPress along with what the function of pages and port are.  One of the bit changes in the site I made was the introduction of Google Fonts for the menu and heading.  The reason for this is to improve the SEO of the site.  I could have just sliced a Photoshop page however using Google Fonts gave the site more text to be index.  Along with this heading tags were optimized in the right place and connected with the text on the page.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • Google Fonts

I also did a later video for the site converting a 30min video down to 5 mins on to YouTube

In-vision Hair Design

in-visionhair design

Second site to be built following on from Deepcar Dental Care.  This site started off with a plan in Photoshop then sliced over to Dreamweaver.  After this I had to slice the HTML and CSS to fit in to a wordpress template.  The main problems I had with the site starting out was with Jquery been loaded.  WordPress has a different way to getting the Jquery library loaded .  However, I over came the problem and build a silder on the main page with selected photos with attachment from new posts.



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Jquery
  • Photoshop & Dreamweaver